the  Ramble  is  a  special  concert
we  like  to  throw  each  year
to  do  
a  little  good  for  the  world

On Saturday, August 24th we’ll come together to support Homeless Veterans and raise some money to help put a roof over their heads.

We’ll also be hosting a beach party before the concert called the Pre-Amble with lots of music, games, and our favorite non-profit orgs all hanging out in “Ramble Town“!

AND we’ll be sending out buses all over New England to bring people to and from the show!

Can’t make it to Salisbury, MA?  No problem!!!  We’ll be streaming the Ramble LIVE, from this website!  Check the home page on Aug. 24th at 3pm to connect and catch all the action!

LIVE stream produced by:

This year’s Ramble is brought to you by RallySound
in partnership with Give US Your Poor.

The Ramble Year 4 is proud to be part of the national
American Music Project: Voices for Veterans

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The Bands
The Ramble Main Stage:


6:15pm – WILL EVANS



The Ramble Town Stage:

presented by:


5:40pm – FREEVOLT


3:00pm – PESKY J. NIXON

The Ramble On Beach Party!

After the fireworks, hang out with Adam Ezra Group and other Ramble musicians down on the beach for an acoustic jam session! Bring your coolers and beach chairs and revel in the music with the waves crashing and your toes in the sand!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

The Cause
We are so proud to donate the proceeds from this year’s Ramble to Veterans Matter and the New England Center for Homeless Veterans!  The money we raise will literally help take a homeless Veteran off the street and into a new home!

Click HERE to learn more!        

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We have teamed up with the Salisbury Beach Partnership again to bring the Ramble back to the beach!  wahoo!

Ever been to Salisbury Beach?  It’s a fun place… and less than an hour north of Boston!  Salisbury Beach Attractions

The Salisbury Beachfront Stage is located at the top of the loop
on Broadway.  For GPS, enter:
25 Broadway, Salisbury, MA 01952

HERE for Directions & Parking info.

Click HERE to find out how you can hop on a Ramble Bus that will take you there and back!

Wanna hang with us at the after party??!
There are lots of affordable accomodations nearby so you can spend the night!
Click HERE for a list of hotels, motels, and campgrounds!!


 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

The Pre Amble
The Pre-Amble is an afternoon filled with live music, fun activities and games, on and around the beach before AEG takes the stage at 7:30pm.

Our Ramble Buses will be showing up around 3pm.  If traveling on your own we invite you to do the same!

There will be live music on two outdoor stages all afternoon, and we’ll be taking over a section of the beach for swimming, beach games, and the fabled COOKIE BAKE-OFF!

And make sure you take a walk through “Ramble Town” where a bunch of our favorite non-profit organizations will be hanging out!  They’ll have lots of great info on different events and ways you can get involved!  Find one you like and do a little good for the world! Check ‘em out here!

Come and spend an afternoon at the beach with us!  Check out some of the local restaurants and bars!  Hit an arcade!  It’s all right there…

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