Adam Ezra Group
AEG TV ThumbnailThe Adam Ezra Group is a Boston-based band, currently playing over 200 shows a year around the country.

They were recently awarded “Band Of The Year” at the New England Music Awards, and dubbed the #1 band in Boston by Alternate Route Magazine.  In 2012 they received the Grass Roots award at the New England Music Awards for their humanitarian work through music.

A message from Adam Ezra:

hey all,

i cannot believe we are heading into our 9th ramble this year!!!  wow!!

i once had this crazy idea of wanting to bring our fans from around new england all together, harnessing the power of our little community in an attempt to do a little good for the world.   thanks to our incredible team at rallysound, a roster of amazing musicians from around new england ready to donate their talent to our mission, and the thousands of you who roll up your sleeves and get involved, the ramble has become my favorite show of the year, and a thing that continues to bring an absurd amount of joy and inspiration to my life.

please come out and join us, and if you can’t, donate a few bucks to help take care of those who have sacrificed so much for our country.

on the day of the ramble, before we hit the stage, all of us in the group will be hangin out on the beach, listening to music, hangin with other non-profit volunteers who are doin great work here in new england, and most importantly, celebrating the incredible things we can do together when we rally around music.  come up and say hello if you see us!!

also PLEASE:  if you have any questions or want to get involved, drop a line here at the ramble site, or through aeg on facebook or twitter

see ya soon!!!

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