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Thanks for clicking over to this page, we’re psyched to have you on board!  You are a very important part of this event.  Your continued support will help us to keep the Ramble a free event for years to come!  Wahoo!

There are lots of way you can get involved.  Pick the option(s) that interests you and activate!  Scroll down for more info…

  1. Plan an event in your community
  2. Join Team Ramble
  3. Be a Ramble Messenger
  4. Be a Ramble Volunteer
  5. Make an online donation


  • Throw a BBQ in your backyard, tell your guests about the Ramble and ask them to donate whatever they can to help us support veteran families in need.
  • Or sign up for a “dining to donate” night at a local restaurant, check it out: Margaritas Mexican Restaurants & Uno Chicago Grill.  Or ask your favorite local restaurant if they can help you!

Bring your proceeds to the Ramble and throw ‘em in the Love Bucket!

Contact Lisa at  She’s awesome, and will help you get started!


Shoot us an email and we’ll set you up with some oh-so-trendy rubber Ramble bracelets! photo One for yourself and the rest to give away in exchange for a donation of any amount.  Sell ‘em out and we’ll send you more!  Consider collecting/storing all your donations in large a jar and use it to throw all your loose change into to help increase your total donation!

Bring your proceeds to the Ramble and check in with us at the “Ramble Merch” tent!  We’ll collect your donations in our Love Bucket and make sure you get any prizes you’ve earned!

  • Raise $100 and you get a free Ramble CD.
  • Raise $150 and you get a free Ramble CD & T-shirt.
  • Raise $250 and you get a free Ramble CD & T-shirt, plus your photo taken with Adam Ezra Group which will later be autographed by the band and mailed to you.
  • Raise $350 and you get all of the above plus a personalized birthday video message from Adam Ezra.
  • Raise $500 and you get all of the above plus two tickets to a VIP acoustic concert with Adam Ezra.
  • Be the top fundraiser and you get all of the above plus a free house concert!  That’s right, Adam will come to you and put on a private concert for you and your closest friends! (a minimum of $501 must be raised to be eligible for this experience.)

Get in touch with Beth at  She rocks, and she’ll get you everything you need!


If you’re on facebook and twitter all the time anyway then this is the job for you!  We need help spreading the word about the Ramble.  We’ll send you messages, pics, and vids to post and tweet.  Encourage your friends and followers to comment and retweet.  Let’s create a Ramble buzz!

Drop a line to Sandaura at Sandaura is a whiz with social networking, she’ll send you all the details!


We needs lots of hands on deck on event day!  There will be a bunch of fun jobs to do, all while hanging on the beach and listening to great live music.  Did we mention that you get a free volunteer t-shirt too?

For more info or to sign up to be a volunteer

and last but not least…


If you aren’t able to do any of the above, but would like to support us and our mission to help families of our fallen veterans, you can make a donation online for whatever amount you’d like! All donations are 100% tax-deductible.


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