Ramble Raffle

Bull-Horn-w-Person-410x264CALLING ALL RAMBLERS!!!

We are hosting a raffle to support our veterans and


Do you make pottery, jewelry, or handbags?
Are you a message therapist?  Accountant?  Lawyer?  Landscaper?  Handyman?
Do you knit, crochet or quilt?
Do you make homemade jam, soap, or beauty products?
Are you a babysitter?  A painter?  A photographer?
Do you have a little cottage on a lake that a lucky fan could enjoy for a weekend?
Would you take a couple fans fishing on your boat for a day trip?
Are you a great cook who could create a delicious dinner for two?

What can you contribute?  Do you have something you created or a service or experience you can provide?  If so, we’d love to hear from you!  We’re collecting artisan items, professional services and fun experiences to raffle and auction off at the Ramble (and also online for those who can’t attend).   Anything you can provide would be an incredible donation to the event!  All items and services donated will come from fellow Ramblers!  How cool is that?  All proceeds will be donated to this year’s cause!

FILL OUT THIS FORM if you are interested in donating and we’ll be in touch!

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