Ramble 2021 Schedule

Musical Guests

8:00am ET-10:00am ET:

Adam Ezra Group

Mike Gladstone & Rob Smith from Junkyardfieldtrip

Will Evans

Corinna Smith & Adam

"Supergirl" Susan Pitman & Adam

Antje Duvekot


10:00am ET-12:00pm ET:

Hayley Sabella

Chad Hollister

Kali Stoddard-Imari

Frank Viele

Colby James & The Ramblers



12:00pm ET-2:00pm ET:

Ellis Paul

Laden Valley

Erin Harpe CBD (Country Blues Duo) with Jim Countryman

Todd Mihan


2:00pm ET-4:00pm ET:

Nashua Robb

The Whiskey Treaty Roadshow

Steve Hartmann

The Jordan TW Trio

Sarah Peacock

Uprooted with Michael Glabicki & Dirk Miller of Rusted Root

Jay Psaros


4:00pm ET-6:00pm ET:

Mark Erelli

Brian Buchanan & Trevor Lewington from Enter the Haggis

Poche Ponce

Clint Daniels

Chris Trapper



6:00pm ET-7:00pm ET:

Vance Gilbert

Ellis Paul

Pat McGee


7:00pm ET-9:00pm ET:

Ramble Finale: Adam Ezra Group & Friends








8:00am ET-10:00am ET:

Welcome Wave & Coffee Toast


Ramble Culinary Session:
Breakfast with Adam & The Brass (Kim & Robyn)


10:00am ET-12:00pm ET:

Ramble Culinary Session: Make the Perfect Twist On A Bloody Mary with Adam


12:00pm ET-2:00pm ET:

Ramble Culinary Session: Lunch with Adam & Lisa Pollard

Top Ten Cookie Challenge Reveal


4:00pm ET-6:00pm ET:

Ramble Culinary Session: Dinner with Adam,  Greg Kretschmar from Greg & The Morning Buzz, and Valerie Kretschmar


6:00pm ET-7:00pm ET:

Cookie Challenge Tasting & Winner Announcement