Misc. Items to Be Prepared With: 

Enthusiasm to Share with Fellow Ramblers & Gatherers 

A Sense of Adventure and Courage for the Unknown 

Plenty of Rest 

Lots of Water 

Coffee Mugs 

Your Choice of Coffee (or Tea or Preferred Morning Beverage!) 

Toasting Glasses 

Toasting Beverage 

Kleenex (Rule #3! It’s not a Gathering until someone cries!) 


Items for Cooking with Adam Sessions: 

10:55 am EDT - Ramble Morning Cocktail Session: Adam & Riley Shay: 

Rocks Glass 
Cocktail Shaker 

1.5 oz Gin 
1 oz Espresso 
4 Blackberries 
½ oz Simple Syrup 
½ oz Orange Juice 

Optional Garnish: 
Orange Zest 

If you would like to make a non-alcoholic version of our Ramble Morning Cocktail, substitute blackberry syrup for the gin. 


5:30 pm EDT – Dinner Segment with Adam & Anthony Njigua from Foodies Without Borders: 

We have a super fun dinner segment for you! Anthony Njigua, our special guest from Foodies Without Borders (such a cool organization - check it out here:  https://foodieswithoutborders.org) will be preparing six different Kenyan style dishes for us. Tune in and watch as he creates these unique treats for us. 

Since there are SO MANY ingredients to each of these dishes, we don’t yet have a final shopping list for you to follow along at home. But, we will get this out to you all post Ramble so that you can try them out.