For those of you who don't know us yet, let's start with some basics.   We are a band.  These days we get to travel all over the country, sharing our music and connecting with the incredible community surrounding our music.  The Ramble is our favorite show of the year; dedicated to our Veteran heroes, but also a celebration of this community. 

The Ramble's mission is to support our heroes, but also to prove that this small, grassroots community has the power to impact our times and influence our culture.  Last year the folks at The New England Center and Home for Veterans informed us that there are around 1600 homeless Veterans in New England.  Can we help every one of them find safe and dignified housing while providing the resources they need to create stability in their lives? 

Feels like a worthy challenge to us... 

...and just the beginning of what we can do together. 

See you at The Ramble, 

                                           Team AEG