2020... A very different and challenging year, a reimagined Ramble, the same badass community working together despite the odds! 

We had no idea how this experiment was going to work but Ramblethon 2020 certainly exceeded our expectations!! We were blown away by the enthusiasm and generosity of all our online Gatherers and Ramblers! We were thrilled to announce that we raised enough money to provide safe and dignified housing for 64 of our Veteran heroes. We're beyond honored to be part of this amazing community!! Thank You!!


The 2019 Ramble was an unprecedented success thanks to our amazing army of volunteers , the incredible group of bands and musicians all donating their time and talent, and over 4000 Ramblers who came out to spend a day with us at Salisbury Beach, working to end Veteran homelessness in New England. Together, through all our efforts, we raised enough money  to provide safe and dignified housing to FIFTY of our Veteran heroes in need. We're beyond honored to be part of this amazing community!!!! Thank You!!