You can influence the impact of The Ramble from wherever you are!! 

When you livestream something, it becomes visible to everyone who is connected to you through your social media platform.  The entire Ramble will be livestreamed throughout the day, so a HUGE part of our success will come from online participation.  

We are inviting you to become part of our Virtual Army, a team of Ramblers throughout the world who are committed to streaming, sharing, and participating online.  From your couch, you can tangibly affect the number of veterans we are able to help into safe and dignified housing through the New England Center and Home for Veterans!   


What does it involve?
These are only some of the things you can do as a Virtual Army member, but as long as you're streaming us throughout the day, you're contributing to the success of The Ramble!: 

  • Pledge to livestream The Ramble throughout the day
    Even if you are engaged in other activities, your livestreaming computer or phone will continue to have an impact!   As long as you're doing this, all of the suggestions below are simply a bonus :) 
  • Share The Ramble livestream with people you care about 
    Shares are a huge way that the signal can spread throughout the internet.  
  • Engage  
    The more you're out there commenting and participating, the more connective our virtual Ramble experience will be for everyone who joins us. 
  • Activate a small group of livestreamers
    Got family members and friends with Facebook accounts?  Even if one of them joins you in your efforts, you've doubled your impact!  
  • Organize a watch party
    Bring a group together and build your own mini-concert experience!  Just remember that each person in your watch party should simultaneously be streaming from their devices to maximize your impact.  Feel free to coordinate some team activity on the chat board.  If you all are active enough and get noticed by our moderators, you may just inspire a shout out from Adam during the festivities! 
  • Plan and promote
    In these weeks leading up to The Ramble you can reach out to your community and make sure they know that Saturday, August 26th is game time.  Below is our Ramble 14 logo with the date.  Help yourself, and feel free to make it your profile pic on Facebook, Instagram, and your other favorite platforms.

Easy, right?!?!?  

Take the Virtual Army Pledge HERE.  Our Ramble team will be in touch to help answer questions and inform you of any Virtual Army special ops.  :)